Action Camera Craze in Malaysia

Action / Sports cameras or sometimes know as High Speed cameras are gaining its popularity in recent months in Malaysia, as they allow you to record your activities from a first person perspective. Although action cameras have already been of existence since Canon first manufactured it in 1970, its popularity gained in recent months due to aggressive marketing by GoPro. Action cameras are generally known as “the” camera suitable only for adrenaline junkies, but I personally do not think so as I find that people until the age of 50 have been using it for various reasons.

The whole idea of a compact, small, agile and easy mounting camera will well be letting you record some of the best experience you had when you travel abroad or while doing things that you are particularly fond of, for example, you can actually show it first hand to your friends and family of you sky diving, if that is your thing of course. Whilst some might think it is just a momentary hype, I think this novelty in the camera lineage will truly change people’s lives. Recently on youtube, there was a man who wanted to know about his daily life as a man who suffers from dwarfism, it well shooked the world. Simply by having a first person experience recorded in what appears to be meant only for adrenaline junkies, action cameras have become something that allows the world to explore a whole new perspective.

Amongst the brands out there readily available and known for its durability and quality, that would be GoPro’s Hero series. Their marketing efforts have been main focused on adrenaline junkies recording their extreme sports such as surf boarding, sky diving, biking, hiking, rock climbing and more. What’s great about it is that you can also readily upload your experience online!

While GoPro continues to trump the action camera market, other brands have been entering the market as well, brands such as Garmin, Sony and ISAW. Garmin has their key GPS featured incorporated in their action cameras, Sony takes full advantage on their lens technology giving supreme image quality and ISAW that provides some what similar to that of Gopro but with significantly greater battery life.

Here are a few key features you must know about action cameras if you intend to buy action cameras in Malaysia:

Feature 1: Size and Mobility

Action cameras are not your typical digital cameras, it sizes up well under 50% of conventional compact cameras and weighs similarly relative to the traditional compact cameras. It is safe to say that compact cameras aren’t that compact after all, action cameras basically dwarves off compact cameras. The abnormally small sized camera is not really designed to be handheld during usage, you will have to have them strapped on your bicycle for example, or your surfing board. They are specially designed to be mounted steadily on these equipments so that you can record exactly what it was like when you are performing that sport.

Here are some images that can give you an idea of the size and weight of the action cameras currently available in the market:

Garmin Virb Compared to Palm
Garmin Virb Compared to Palm
Gopro Hero 3+ Compared to Palm
Gopro Hero 3+ Compared to Palm

 Feature 2: HD Video Recording

All action cameras shoot at High Definition (HD) which makes all your video recording crisp sharp with every detail well recorded. Now if you are thinking about why action cameras are gaining so much of popularity recently in Malaysia camera market, simply combine this feature and the one aforementioned would probably answer your question already. I have heard comments of insecurity about these action cameras due to its novelty and unconventionality, but I personally think they are pretty amazing! Just because they are new, the manufacturers such as Gopro, Garmin and Sony are making sure that customers will certainly enjoy action cameras when they buy them in Malaysia at least.

Feature 3: Durability

When it comes to cameras, electronic gadgets worth up to the thousands do demand a certain degree of cautiousness but no so the case for action cameras. The level of durability these little action cameras can really take the hit which basically lets their user feel at ease. For the first time ever, customers are actually carefree of their cameras!

So far, Mobility, HD Video Recording and Durability, what more can you really ask for in a camera?

Action Camera Best Brands

When it comes to action cameras, people will probably only remember Gopro, well as mentioned earlier, they are marketing aggressively for their range of action cameras. This action camera first came into the spark of thought by Nick Woodman whom after observing a surfing trip realized that people will come to appreciate a camera that come truly come up close, recording everything that they are doing. The thought is largely based on the idea that photographers simply can’t get close enough to get a remotely picture worthwhile to shout about, so there it is, Gopro was born. To date Gopro has released to Gopro Hero 3+ series which is the model that brought the action camera craze to Malaysia. Gopro Hero 4 has been rumoured to be debuted early next year in 2015.

As the hype stirs, Garmin, Sony and ISAW came in the picture, producing their very own range of action cameras. Though they are new, they do match up to Gopro’s range of action cameras.

Garmin action cameras feature an unconventional approach in terms of size & shape. Garmin action camera the Garmin VIRB and VIRB Elite come with Garmin’s all time trump card, state of the art global positioning system (GPS) feature that not only allows for geo tagging but also allows people to record the speeds that they are traveling at. Metrics such as acceleration comes in the picture as well. Another amazing feature about Garmin VIRB action cameras is that they can readily interchange data from one Garmin gadget to the other, making Garmin users share information super easy. The following is what Garmin offers for their range of action cameras:

Higher Battery Capacity (2000 mAh compared to 1050mAh)

Use of Branded Lens (Manufactured by reputable photographic equipment maker compared to a non-brand lens manufacturer)

Removable Battery

CMOS Sensor

Accelerometer (Gives users the speed at which the Garmin action camera was traveling during record)

Resistance to Extreme Weather

Here I share with you a little about Isaw’s Extreme range of sports camera. Now relative to Garmin’s differentiation points to Gopro, is rather marginal. Isaw’s actions cameras can be seen to be identical to that of Gopro with a longer battery but, their image quality are leaps and bounds ahead of Gopro. I’m talking about better colour balancing, hue and saturation. I have yet to personally test out the Isaw Extreme but tried it with an old mate of mine the first thing I came across is that the image quality is just outstanding.

I shall be sharing a little more about the ISAW Extreme sports camera in my later posts when i get a chance to be able to test it out.

That’s all for now.

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